Allt í lagi

Opening Iceland up to European products or concepts and introducing Icelandic products in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. This is what we do here at Allt i lagi.
The Icelandic market is bigger than you might think. Even though it is home to a mere three hundred and thirty thousend Icelanders, the country's pure and overwhelming nature attracts a million tourists every year, and their numbers are only increasing. Because of this, market opportunities are increasing with equal pace.
The country swiftly overcame the 2008 fincancial crisis by showcasing its flexibility and resilience in the face of challenges, something Iceland has grown accustomed to in its age long struggle with natural forces. The country's pristine environment has also given rise to a number of products, and it is our aim to help introduce these products in the European market.
Would you like to investigate the possibilities of an introduction to the Icelandic market?

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