Our story


Allt i Lagi is an Icelandic phrase meaning all is well. Apart from its beautiful sound – which we may find difficult to pronounce – it represents the many good things that Iceland has to offer. The country is very spaceous, with a population of three hundred and thirty thousand people living on an island two-and-a-half times the size of the Netherlands, and with beautiful, diverse and overwhelming natural sites. There are no polluting industries, the people tend to live longer lives, and it is less cold than one would guess from its name.
For over twenty-five years the founders of Allt i Lagi have contemplated doing business with Iceland. After one of them lived and worked there for three years in the late ’80’s, his enthusiastic stories put his partners under the country’s spell. His oldest son was born there, and many a friendship has since survived the passing of time and the distance from Holland. Meanwhile, his grasp of the language has not suffered either.
Few people remain unaffected by the impressive landscapes and the hospitality of Icelandic people. Their struggle with the forces of nature remains an every day reality, the storms are prodigious, and the bigger and smaller earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, of which the Eyjafjallajokull eruption is internationally the best known, are equally infamous. The Icelandic people are used to overcoming adversities, which would explain their quick and steadfast recovery from the 2008 financial crisis, a feat they accomplished years ahead of other European countries. This is the country we wanted to reconnect with after twenty-five years.
Iceland has developed some wonderful products, and our goal is to bring these to the rest of Europe’s attention.
So, where does one start? Iceland used to depend primarily on the catch of fish, and it still houses inexpensive sources of energy which are used mainly for the smelting of aluminum. This is nót what we wish to place our focus on. After the 2008 crisis and the steep decline of the Icelandic crown, tourism flows have increased dramatically. Because of this, the Icelandic market tends to more than the modest population of a few hundred thousand people. Furthermore, after 2008 there has been a steady growth of fresh initiatives and interesting start-ups. By having a keen eye for opportunities on both sides of the spectrum, and also – in all honesty – through a bit of good fortune, Allt i lagi has been presented with the opportunity to launch five incredible products. The die has been cast, as they say. You can read up on the most recent developments in our news update.

Peter de Witte, CEO